Welcome Page

As someone born in the early 1980’s, I created this website to share my nostalgic memories of that era. I mostly talk about video games of that era, which wasted countless hours of my youth. I also talk about cartoons, TV shows and random idiotic things. Please don’t take anything too serious on here.

So a little about me. My favorite movies are horror and comedy. I am a late 1960’s – 1970’s classic rock fan. When it comes to sports, I am part of Big Blue Nation, a member of the Louisville Coopers (supporters of Louisville City FC), NFL and the EPL. I enjoy charity and belong to a couple of lodges, along with being a member of the United Methodist Church.

I enjoy a healthy lifestyle of no fried foods or sweets. Six days a week I find time for cardio and weight lifting. No bodybuilder, just someone who likes to stay fit. I do enjoy the occasional Bourbon, beer and cigar. Hey, we all have vices in life. Don’t worry, I won’t preach my diet or political/religious views to you.

So if you are stuck in your childhood memories, have fun and enjoy my website. I hope my articles, videos and rants are something you enjoy. Let’s recall going to Children’s Palace, the days of no caller ID where you could prank people without getting caught and when Mario ruled the world. Please feel free to share your retro thoughts!