Mandela Effect – fake


8 thoughts on “Mandela Effect – fake

  1. Loved it. You are spot on. The average person who believes this nonsense couldn’t even name 10 states, more less recall history from before they were born.


  2. Took balls to make this. The people who believe this nonsense are crazy. Judging by your comment section, they loved attacking you on YouTube. When you easily answered one of their questions, they would either name call, go off on a rant or go off on another “Mandela Myth”. Awesome job holding your ground.


  3. Mandela nut here. I understand where you are coming from and agree on that people try to sometimes see something that is not there. I myself have witnessed map anomalies and it has been very surreal experience for me and I’m speaking about countries being on different locations and noticing the differences sometimes in a duration of days (No, I have not been diagnosed with schizoprenia). We used to play a “game” with my friends where when someone notices a map difference, he/she asks that “do you notice anything strange?” and waited answers from everyone without pointing anything to look at, so we would see that do others notice them too. Sometimes there was 100% confirmation and sometimes people missed it. We did this so we wouldn’t use the power of suggestion to influence others to see what we saw. I’m not from U.S so I cannot comment on any products other than what is globally known and after the year dealing with this it isn’t even something I want to concentrate. Here is just my “testimony” on this subject and believe me there is no need to rage, because of the ME. People experience shit and that’s how it’s always been and the worst thing to happen to them is that they start to take care of themselves spiritually and physically and even make friends along the way. What comes to CERN.. well, I don’t know, but there has been interesting speculations circulating in the interwebs. End of my ramblings.


    • I’ve witness map changes too. As countries break up and their name changes. Not a Mandela Effect. Before high school, Yugoslavia was one nation. Due to war Yugoslavia is smaller as Bosnia, Macedonia and Slovenia, to name a few, became their own seperate nations. LOL, so a map from 1977 would be different than a map of 2017. Proves what? Not the Mandela Effect.


  4. Get em Retro Nerd. As someone in their mid 50’s I stumbled upon this Mandela crap a few months back. When the average kid is writing 5 grades behind his educational level in America, it’s not shocking these people can’t recall simple geography, historical facts or basic grade school science. I’m not even sure why you respond to these fucking whacko’s.


  5. I watch the Mandela and flat earth videos. A lot of pathetic people in the world. Three types of people believe in the Mandela crap.

    1) people with mental health issues. Sad but is the God honest truth

    2) dumb people who believe they are smart

    3) lonely people, more than likely 35-40 year-olds who still live with their parents


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